ABDUCTIONX Fri 9th March:Antonamasia will be Playing a Live Set.

ABDUCTIONX Fri 9th March Sydney's Only Dedicated Metal/Industrial NightclubThis Friday @ The Live House 
794 Parramatta Rd Lewisham$10 Entry Members Half PriceThe Bombshells (Strippers) From 5:30pm till 800pm
Antonamasia will be Playing a Live Set.
 Slayer/Mastadon Ticket For members Draw Lots of Cd and promo giveaways Courtesy of 
Riot Distribution and Roadrunner Records

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Hi my name is julie and well... if you really wanna know about me just visit my personal journal, cause really the point of this isn't really to give you a 500 word biography of myself.

The point of this is to enquire if there are any meetups planned for the city area and if not, can there be? Pesonally i'd prefer weekends and something close to the city (like pitt street, george strret ect) cause i don't like to drive in sydney. (sorry but sydney drives are just to crazy for my brisbane up-bringing)

yeah soo ....

If nothing is planned what about Meeting up at a pub for an afternoon lunch? I know of a good place near work ($5.95 meal with any drink purchase)which i personally like and that i know of ... of course assuming your over 18.

That is me :P
I hope people respond to this :P
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My name is Kari of Oni if you prefer. I'm moving to Australia to attend the University of Western Sydney in Feb to study Sociology and just wanted to meet a few people before I get there.

meet up

Hey everyone! I want to go to as many meet ups as humanly possible in the nexst month of being in Australia. Only prob is I wont be here on Tuesday as I am currently on the Sunshine coast!!! Looking forward to another one in the very near future!

Anyway, my name is Claire and I am from England.
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Since we are a LiveJournal meetup group I thought it made sense to create a community for us. This community will be used as a convenient alternative to the message boards on the website to keep you all updated on the latest meetup information, changes to the group etc.

So add this community to your 'friends' list so you can keep up to date in the comfort of your own LJ!

Don't forget to head over to the website and RSVP for this months meetup! We also need some more ideas on where to meet so if you've got a top local spot that you'd like to share with us leave a post on the message board thread or make a post here.